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Pest control involves the management and regulation of organisms that harm human activities or the environment. The response to pests varies based on the extent of damage, ranging from tolerance to control measures and attempts at eradication. Integrated pest management combines different methods to address pest issues effectively. If you require trustworthy pest control services in Bangor, ME, look no further. The experienced team at Bangor Full Service Pest Control is dedicated to delivering exceptional assistance. Our professionals ensure high-quality work and cost-effective solutions to resolve all your pest-related concerns with utmost efficiency.


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Bangor Full Service Pest Control specializes in safeguarding against pests such as rodents, termites, bed bugs, and more. With a prominent presence in Bangor, ME, we have emerged as the preferred choice for customers, thanks to our expertise and exceptional service.

Our team of dedicated professionals is fully committed to delivering unparalleled quality in the pest control industry. We have earned a solid reputation as one of the most respected organizations, surpassing our competitors by offering comprehensive pest management solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Being one of the leading pest control companies in Bangor, ME, we take pride in our outstanding services, backed by years of industry experience. Over time, we have established ourselves as a trusted and recognized brand, known for our commitment to excellence.

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Rodent Control is a critical process aimed at eliminating unwanted rodents, such as mice and rats, from homes and businesses. These pests can cause extensive damage, contaminate food, and spread diseases. Professional pest control services offer effective rodent extermination methods that include a combination of trapping, baiting, and sealing entry points to prevent reinfestation. Thorough inspections are conducted to identify rodent activity and determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Pest control experts employ safe and humane practices to remove rodents and implement preventive measures to minimize future infestations. By implementing comprehensive rodent extermination strategies, these services ensure the removal of rodents, protect property, and promote a healthy and pest-free environment.

Rodent extermination

The little rodents leave behind traces of feces and pee in their wake. If you have this issue, we can assist you in getting rid of them.

General wildlife removal

Complete Bangor Service Animal Control. The wildlife on your residential or business property will be managed, trapped, or removed by biologists.

BANGOR, ME’S PREMIER General Wildlife Removal

General wildlife Removal is a crucial process in managing and controlling wildlife populations that pose risks to human safety and property. Professional wildlife control services specialize in safely and humanely removing unwanted wildlife species, such as raccoons, squirrels, and skunks, from residential and commercial areas. These services employ various methods, including trapping, exclusion techniques, and habitat modification, to effectively address wildlife infestations. The goal is to protect property from damage, prevent potential health hazards, and maintain a harmonious balance between humans and wildlife. By employing ethical and responsible wildlife extermination practices, these services ensure the removal of problem wildlife while promoting coexistence and preserving natural habitats.

BANGOR, ME’S PREMIER Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Nuisance wildlife removal is a vital service aimed at addressing and resolving conflicts between humans and wildlife in urban and suburban areas. Professional wildlife removal services specialize in safely and humanely removing nuisance wildlife species, such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and opossums, from residential and commercial properties. These services employ effective trapping and relocation techniques, as well as exclusion methods to prevent re-entry. With a focus on minimizing harm to both humans and animals, trained professionals ensure the safe removal and relocation of nuisance wildlife, mitigating property damage and reducing the risk of disease transmission. By providing ethical and responsible wildlife removal solutions, these services help restore peace and harmony while promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Nuisance wildlife removal

Residents, businesses, and municipalities in Bangor, ME can all benefit from the nuisance wildlife management services offered by Bangor Full Service Pest Control.

With many years of experience in the pest control industry, we ensure that your home is safe and pest free

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In order to help you regain your peace of mind, we have same-day availability and can provide 24-hour residential and commercial wildlife management. Our professionals Guarantee the highest level of job quality in the relevant field.

We are recognised among the top reputable organizations, outperforming all of our rivals, and offer comprehensive pest management solutions for home and commercial settings.

BANGOR ME'S effective Pest Control Services reduces and eliminates your pests

Identify Pests and Examine Progress

In order to effectively control pests in conjunction with action thresholds, we first endeavor to monitor and precisely identify them.

Create a Pest Removal Treatment Plan

Once the tolerance level has been established, we can choose the most effective biological, chemical, or combination of control treatments.

Execute the Extermination Procedure

The next stage is to carry out the strategy for the bug eradication or any pest removal treatment while taking all necessary precautions.

Provide Prevention Measures and Tips

Our team will also provide you tips and prevention measures so your property never gets pest infestation again. We make your home or office remain pest free.

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Competitive Prices

Because we understand how challenging it may be when alien pests threaten your comfort zone, our affordable prices and money-back guarantee on our pest control services will undoubtedly provide you a great deal of peace of mind.

Constant Availability

Our Maine pest control experts and highly skilled specialists provide pest control services around-the-clock and are well-versed in dealing with a wide variety of pests. Whether you need commercial pest control or residential pest control our Full service pest control services are the solution.

Guaranteed Services

We guarantee that if you use our services, your home won't be infested by pests. Your house and health can be secured with only one click. Our professionals are completely outfitted to eradicate pests, and a guarantee is included.

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How can we help you with your pest control?

Because there are so many variables to take into account when deciding a pricing, cost fluctuates greatly.

Host resistance, biological control, cultural control, mechanical control, sanitation, and chemical (pesticide) control are a few examples of pest management strategies.

In the majority of situations, you can anticipate a notable and perceptible decrease in insect activity within one to two days.

Yes, the service provider of Bangor Full Service Pest Control has ample knowledge, they are certified, and they comply with industry standards.

By doing it this way, you may achieve your goals without having to worry about the time and money it would take to try to correct things on your own.

American cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, Field cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and Smoky brown cockroach are the five most frequent species of cockroaches seen in homes.

Chemicals used in pest control are generally completely safe. However, we use these properly and with care so safety must not be compromised. We provide safe pest control in Maine.

Depending on the situation, keeping your home unlocked won’t usually be essential. If it ever becomes necessary for you to leave the residence while receiving treatment, we will make arrangements in advance.

It is totally normal to see more bugs after obtaining a pest control treatment, so there is no need to be alarmed. We promise to continue servicing your property until the issue has been resolved because we have your back.

After treatment, you can stay in your bed to sleep. Mattresses and box springs should be covered. Any bed bugs that remain in the mattress or box spring will be unable to bite or escape the encasement.

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